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Harry Potter Jelly Slugs are gelatine-free and come in banana, pear, sour cherry, tangerine & watermelon flavours!

Product Description


Harry Potter Gummi Candy Jelly Slugs - a truly magical candy from the iconic Jelly Belly Candy Company, California, USA.

If you are looking for a memorable candy experience, procure yourself a wonderfully designed 59g pouch of these jelly creepy crawlies. 

A diet of real slugs may not be recommended unless you are the hardiest of wilderness adventurers however we do condone the modest uptake of these sweet, colourful, slug-shaped novelty candy treats.

Slugs have never been particularly popular creatures and have suffered pretty bad press over the years, particularly amongst gardeners but this could all change very soon. Take a bite of one of these slugs and you discover they aren't all bad after all. These slugs have a chewy yet powderous texture very similar to a Jelly Belly gourmet jelly bean. Depending which colour slug you choose to tackle, your mouth is filled with sweet, mouthwatering, fruity flavour - Pear, Sour Cherry, Tangerine, Watermelon or Banana.

For any Harry Potter officianado or aspiring wizard, the slug needs no introduction and it plays an integral in a rather ghastly spell.

 The Slug-Vomiting Charm (Slugulus Eructo) is a charm or curse that causes the victim to burp up slugs and slime for approximately ten minutes. They may also develop a sallow complexion as a side-effect. Treacle fudge can cure the effects in a few seconds.

 Here's how Ron Weasley learned the hard way when his slug spell back-fired:

 A loud bang echoed around the stadium and a jet of green light shot out of the wrong end of Ron's wand, hitting him in the stomach and sending him reeling backwards on to the grass... Ron opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead he gave an almightly belch and several slugs dribbled out of his mouth on to his lap."

Harry Potter Jelly Slugs are gelatine-free and come in banana, pear, sour cherry, tangerine & watermelon flavours!



Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight (kg) 0.0590
Occasion No
Nutrition No
Ingredients Fruit Flavour Gummies Sugar, Corn Syrup, Modified Potato Starch, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Lactate, Malic Acid), Natural and Artificial Flavours, Colours (Including E102, E133, E129), Glazing Agent (E903), Coconut Oil (Adds a trivial amount of fat). Warnings: Made in a peanut free factory. E102 and E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
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