• Nov 01, 2017|
  • Jennifer Moffatt

Traditional Sweets Online is not a passé, they are very much looked upon and in demand. We at awesome candy art factory realized how even the young generations miss the traditional sweets online.

❝Sweets to the Sweet.”- William Shakespeare

There stands a Vast difference between An American & An English Candy. It's time you try the most classic and traditional parts of the sweet culture lest they get changed forever overtime -

(1) Simpkin'sRuhbarb& Custard
Ensures that you are buying the finest, elite sugar and gluten free confection available. A mouthwatering blend of a very Classical Yorkshire flavor. An English classic confection but with all the benefits of being sugar & gluten free! That is the detailing of traditional sweets online. Feeling like ordering some traditional sweets now, order now.

(2) Alphabet Letters
These are fruit flavored hard candy sweets in the shape of letters of the alphabet. Best part : Now you can See what you Spell and it tastes Yummier than Ever.

(3) BlackJacks
Find something classier than a Black Jack and you'll have it all ~ impossible! It’s hot aniseed taste and tongue tinting ability mean it's not for the faint hearted and takes you to another planet of joy. It's slightly lemon-ish, with a tart bite and a touch of licorice flavor to it.

(4) Dip Dab
Have you a sweet tooth for an urban-rural candy? Barratt Dip Dab is an iconic retro sweet and contains a packet of fizzy sherbet dust and a flavored lollipop. Once the lollipop has been licked, it can be dipped into the sherbet to create a wonderfully fizzy coating on the lollipop. Mmmmm….feel like having it now?

(5) Fried Eggs
The Leader of all our Novelty & objet d'art gummies, these gummy fried eggs are a dead-ringer for the real thing! Complete a quirky themed dessert or gift something goofy. Unlike a real, rubbery fried egg, these gummies are pleasantly sweet.

(6) Wine Gums
There’s no wine in these. Traditionally, the gums come in five shapes: kidney, crown, diamond, circle and rectangle, and are labelled with five names: port, sherry, champagne, burgundy and claret.  You can sort of liken these to gum drops or pastilles. They're officially the Fathers of Chewy Treats. Not stretchy like a gummy, you can take a bite right out of these. They are chewy however, with a great mouth feel-not sticky at all.  Flavor -wise, these are exquisite.

(7) Love Hearts
The hearts all have the appropriate messages, “True Love” “Be Mine” and so forth. Isn't that adorable? The back of the heart has another love heart relief-stamped into it. The Love Hearts come in a number of colors – white, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple – but to my palate they all taste exactly the same. At first taste they have a slight fizziness to them, and similar to their American counterparts are quite chalky in texture. Once you chomp through one you get a nice tangy pick of taste on the tongue and because they are so thin they’re easy to eat.


If you know of some more classic sweets which you truly believe should be a part of this traditional sweets online post, please do share with us or leave a comment here on this post and we would be happy to add.