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❝There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

 - Linda Grayson

From a little blunt touch of summers to warm beers throughout the year, the English give par delightful a candy bar!

The Nation of Chocolate-lovers, beholding exquisitely crafted and edible candies of the era, here's a list of your English treat for that sweet tooth jumping of excitement already -

(1) Galaxy Ripple
Here's your folded, rather "rippled" Galaxy Milk Chocolate with an outer coating of more chocolate. This fills your mouth with the yummiest crumbles invented. It's just the right size to get The Galaxy Experience (if you're a Deadly Galaxy Fan) and tastes even better at small doses than in a gusp and rush. The thin and distinctive layers of chocolate and the gaps are a duo to a heavenly experience of the most apt English Chocolate ever!

(2) Cadbury Caramel
Admit it, she rules your Snack Shelves. It's one of those childhood favourite milk chocolates with a caramel centre. Made with a glass and a half of fresh milk, this chocolate melts to heavens once it sizzles on and about your tongue.

(3) Cadbury Wispa
Wispa first hit the market in 1981 and ceased in 2003, due to certain issues. But the velvet-textured milk woven in the chocolate, it's tiny yet dense bubbles got the public to start off an online campaign to bring it back.

(4) Aero
As the name suggests, here's your Air of Chocolate that tastes beyond original levels of Good. This chocolate is uniquely signified for the bubbly texture. From the inside, this bar is filled with tiny pockets of air but exclusively, this makes it a real and amazing chocolate experience.

(5) Toblerone
Here's your Swiss Bliss of Luxury. Filled with honey and almond nougat, it could melt your soul to another level of sweetness altogether. The peak smell of this chocolate has the essence of coconut milk with a little chocolate touch. It also has a fruity overtone to chocolate which makes it semi-sweet which gives it a good melt and doesn't make it too dark, slightly grainy and a little chalky.

(6) Cadbury Diary Milk
Your treasure since you were aged five? The old, smooth piece of chocolate shall always be dear and near to us. The texture and taste is aloof and confined to pure pleasure.

(7) KitKat Chunky
YASS! Sassy, crunchy, cliquish. This has 4 types - Orange, Double Chocolate, White & Peanut Butter. The Peanut Butter version consists of a thick layer of peanut butter on top of wafers and tastes of pure peanut butter. The Orange version is slightly different, with more of an orange flavour cream filled within the wafers, which doesn't make it over sweet, instead, exquisite. Double Chocolate is somewhat similar to the Peanut Butter version in content and physique, but with a more original and yummier chocolate flavour topping. By the end, the White Chocolate reveals the surreal white chocolate tasting yummier than ever. A couple of bites would keep you full if you're a fan of sweetness overloaded!

(8) Twirl
Makes you Twirl to your toes and back. This is one of those Cadbury bars which are the best when served Chilled. Filled with the Dairy Milk Aroma and solid milk coatings, it is your bar of Joyance at once. This bar has a thick, outer layer whilst the inner layer is crumbly and made for an interesting variety flavours altogether. It's Gorgeous.

(9) Flake
Rightly said, she's the Monica Lewinsky of chocolate – seems sexy but you’ll only end up with a dry cleaning bill. This is the most artistic chocolate, poured out in thin ribbons which fold on further. The structure results in making this chocolate flakey, as named, and crumbly, well. It seems tad dry but tastes heavenly.

(10) Twix
Here's your Fancy Biscuit. Withdrawn slab of delight! It's chocolaty, caramely and with the right amount of biscuit. It fills you up through and till your core.

So, let's Sweet tooth through Life.