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Think of the Best British snacks and candies and it instantly reminds me of the Sarah Weeks quote. She said,

''Far be it from me to stand between a girl and her Skittles''

 - Sarah Weeks

What's better than the typical classic, English touch on, in and about our snacks & candies? From jelly beans to candy bars, they're in the most exquisite colors & variant forms of tastes, candied & cloying with sugar glitters.

I have been a forever fan of what we popularly call as the Best British snacks and candies. Now that you are already tempted to order one for yourself, Let's have a look at the preferred British snacks and candies-

(1) Gummy Fangs
Gummy Fangs are the most perfect novelty candies for your Halloween Night, specifically! These are gluten free and beyond levels of a good yummy. A chewy strawberry flavor gummy sweet in the shape of vampire fangs! These taste like Haribo Giant strawberries.

(2) Jelly Bones
They're so cute. They're so adorable. And they're so different! Bone shaped Jelly sweets. Half red and half white. Soft and squidgy Jelly Bones sweets are totally worth it! These are popular with an excellent bone shape and a soft jelly texture which does make them very moreish.
Of course, their bone shape makes them super popular sweets at Halloween but they're merry loved all the year round.

(3) Baby Dolphin
Baby Dolphins are clogged with Blue and White Fruit Flavor Jelly Sweets shaped as Dolphins. They're delicious a treat. It's filled with a fab fruity taste. A sweet that once you start you just can’t stop eating them. You end up loading your mouth with lots at a time. It's sure a nice wee sweet for all ages.

(4) Barrett Candy Sticks
Barratt Candy Sticks - remember these from school?  These were once famous as Sweet Cigarettes. We certainly remember buying these from the tuck shop as kids. They've been around for years and slaying the Pineapple Flavor like Wham Wow!

(5) Cherry Wheels
Retro, gelatine free and just so rolling - Here Comes the Cherry Wheels! Red liquorice sweets with the most pulpiest, ever-bursting and tender flavors of cherry.

(6) Flying Saucers
At demystifying, these are unique a form of sweets. The wafers are made up of two disks of slightly foamed corn starch (kind of like communion wafers or that stuff that they put on the tops of Torrones). They’re dome shaped to hold a little reservoir of powdered candy. You can shake them and they make a light rattling noise. The powder is a slightly foaming white dextrose candy kind of like pixie dust. Yup. You got me right. Yay for a try!

(7) Aniseed Balls
Stuffed with strong aniseed flavors, here's your jar of retro sweets in the form of hard balls which you cannot afford to miss at all. They are flavoured by aniseed oil, have a very strong aniseed flavour, and last for a long time in the mouth before dissolving. In the centre of the ball is normally a whole rapeseed, which is used for forming layers of sugar around.

This is my list of best British snacks and candies. So, which one are you going to order now.