Awesome Candy Co. features the very best confectionery from both sides of the Atlantic. We are home to two outstanding confectionery brands:

Extraordinary British Sweet Shop

Awesome American Candy

This is a place where we always try to make life that little bit sweeter. Here you can find mountains of awesome American candy and hills of extraordinary British confectionery.

It’s a sublime candy landscape, home to delectable sweet titbits where you can explore new heights of epicurean indulgence.

Our range of confectionery includes the latest American candy, classic retro American candy and all sorts of British confectionery.

Our care and dedication to exceptional customer service is underpinned by a deep-seated desire to make people’s lives just that little bit more enjoyable.

We’ll always go that extra yard. OK, we sell confectionery. We may not be able to make a massive difference to people’s everyday lives, but hey, we keep trying.

If you have any special requests, you are looking for a particular confectionery item, would like to work with us, or wish to become a partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re working at being nice people – we want to surround ourselves with nice people.

Anyway, enough already: it’s about offering extraordinary British sweets and awesome American candy with great service.

Hope you enjoy your visit.


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